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Till / Cash Register

The till is the part that the customer sees and the staff handle the most. Shore EPOS allows for full customisation of the till screen and processes via our unique bespoke management system. Every part of the till can be rearranged, from the artwork to the order of the processing and the messages displayed on the screen. Below is list of some of the tills functionality.


  • Automatic Discounting
  • Multiple Payments
  • Operator Priviledges
  • Cross till hold and restore
  • Item search
  • Integrated Chip and Pin
  • Loyalty and Account management
Till Screen
Till Screen

  • Live Stock Levels
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Training Mode
  • Integrated Queue buster
  • Auto serial Number / Address Recording
  • A4 invoices and regular receipts
  • Trade, wholesale and retail capable
  • Multiple Operating Systems supported