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Back Office

This is the unseen hero in the EPOS world. The Back Office of any EPOS system manages the information within the system and provides reports, summaries or raw data for you, your staff, your accountants, your suppliers and even your customers. Historically this is a large software application that is installed on your office computers and is priced per seat, but, Shore systems latest offering is the cloud based Shore POS solution. All your Backoffice requirements are fulfilled using any computer with a browser either over your intranet or the internet, depending upon your installation requirements. That means no extra license fees, no per seat support contracts, no installation fees or restrictions and no backoffice computer worries over virus and malware infections.


Data tools include ;
  • Export facilities for ALL the systems data ready for imports into accounting packages, spreadsheets, emails etc.

  • Import tools enable you to import information easily from suppliers, or import data that you've exported and edited.

  • Managers/History Browser: A tool to provide access to ALL your generated information, including;
    • Live Net Sales
    • Live Margin
    • Average Spend
    • Till Files
    • Account Sales
    • Orders
    • Operator Totals
    • Department Sales
    • Payment Information
    • Period Results

  • Data editing tools for;
    • Products
    • Departments
    • Suppliers
    • Discounts
    • Accounts and Loyalty
    • Stock
    • Orders
    • Users
    • Labels

  • Access tools;
    • Report Wizard to create up to the minute reports customised to your requirements
    • Remote Access Component that provides secure access from any internet connection as if your on site.
    • Monitoring components for system status and operations

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